Taiwan A to Z: The Essential Cultural Guide

Essential for Newcomers, Informative for Old Timers -
This book gives fascinating insight into the traditions, cultures, peoples, and food on this very special island.


Do you know:
Why it’s a very bad idea to give a clock as a gift?
Why so many Taiwanese have a PhD?
How Taiwanese parents choose names for their children?
Why a new mother shouldn’t take a bath for a month after giving birth?

The answers to these and many other intriguing questions can be found in Taiwan A to Z, a product of the author’s discovery of her own roots. Written by a Taiwanese who has a deep understanding of both Western and Eastern cultures, this book provides foreigners with true insights into the fascinating intricacies of Taiwanese culture.

Taiwan A to Z explains the essential information any expat living and working in Taiwan should know.


  1. glad to see you here!
    this is really a great book, very helpful~

  2. How can I get a copy of your book?? I will be moving to TWN in a few short years and absolutely love TWNese culture. :)

  3. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for being interested in my book. You can either buy it on ebay should you want to read it NOW before you come to Taiwan. Or if you want to wait, you can buy it The Community Services Center (www. community.com.tw) or at Eslite bookstore when you arrive Taiwan.